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Our Partners & Sponsors

We are filled with gratitude to our current and past partners and sponsors. Thank you for all your donations, grants, locations, and willingness to be a part of our journey in serving youth. We look forward to our continued partnerships while serving our community to Help Adolescents Speak Out.

Here's a list of community partners:

Lady Promoter CLT

Central Piedmont Community College

Carewell of Charlotte

New Heaven Community Church

Connect Church - Team Up Connections

SHIELD - SIsters Helping In Educational

Leadership & Development

West Charlotte Recreation Center

Here's a list of community events:

Vision Beyond The Eyes Annual Summer Event

Girl Aspyre Westside Education Think Tank

CWC Williams Community Health Awareness Fair

Smart Start Meck Family Fun Fair 

Speak Out if you want to collaborate with us! We are always looking to do the Most Good within our community and beyond to help youth overcome obstacles through speaking out.

Thank you again to all current and past partners and sponsors. We would not be where we are today without your help. 

Remember, it's alright to SPEAK OUT and ask for help with challenges. That is how we can overcome it:

1st identify the challenge

2nd decide what to do

3rd speak out to get the help!

ReCAST Mecklenburg County Public Health Dept

We are in partnership with ReCAST - Resiliency in Communities after Stress and Trauma (ReCAST Mecklenburg) is a 5-year grant awarded to Mecklenburg County Public Health Department by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). ReCAST promotes resiliency and equity in communities to better deal with stress and trauma with the primary focus on youth violence prevention, racial equity, and equitable access to services.

Check out


City of Charlotte Jumpstart Grant

We have been 3 rounds of Jumpstart Community Safety Grant with the City of Charlotte to Promote Resilience Through Speaking Out. Youth learn the values of using their voice with positivity, respect, honor, and compassion. This 8-week programs helps youth to shift their mindset from lack to abundance.


Change The World Church

Change The World Church has sponsor community space to host events since 2017 in partnerships with business owners throughout the years of establishments since November of 2017.

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