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HASO Parent Retreat  - Save The Date
HASO Parent Retreat  - Save The Date

Fri, Jul 26


Lake Norman of Catawba

HASO Parent Retreat - Save The Date

At the HASO Parent Retreat you will gain Relaxation, Restoration, and Results to accomplish your 2024 goals! This is the Ultimate Getaway for parents to regain strategies into Your Next Level! Save The Date gives details of the event!

Time & Location

Jul 26, 2024, 5:00 PM – Jul 28, 2024, 1:00 PM

Lake Norman of Catawba, Lake Norman of Catawba, NC, USA


About the Event

Hi there and good day!

I hope all is well with you and your family. We are doing new things at Help Adolescents Speak Out (HASO)’s! Our Chief Visionary & Founder has planned the Ultimate Getaway for You to restore your Mind, Body, and Spirit!!! Join us if you want to see new Results for the remainder of 2024! 

With that said, you may wonder who is the HASO Parent Retreat for and what are the benefits! The acronym HASO is Help Adolescents Speak Out; we create a safe space for youth to tell us their experiences and we teach them how to overcome those experiences into positive results! Our Chief Visionary Carrianne has seen a shift within our youth and wants to extend the same experience to Parents! That’s why this Ultimate Getaway is for You our Parents! Take advantage of the opportunity to get away from your new norm and experience something completely different with other like-minded parents!

If you have ever said to yourself:

  • I need help with these kids, they are driving me crazy 
  • I just wish someone could give me some money to pay these bills 
  • I found God now what
  • I have started a business, where do I go from here 
  • I have a book idea but I don’t know what to do next
  • I have been struggling with finances, my job, this relationship, and life. (PERIOD) 
  • I want to get away, but don’t want to go by myself 
  • I need someone to talk to, but I don’t trust anybody 
  • I have all these challenges within my family, but it’s hard to talk to them 
  • I want someone to save me, but no one is there for me 
  • I have been dealing with this struggle (whatever has been hard for you to say aloud) but I can’t find anyone to help me to do whatever has been placed in my heart to do. Or I need help overcoming this difficult obstacle, but I don't know where to start - we're here to HELP YOU!

If any of the above statements resonate with You, the HASO Parent Retreat is for You! The Ultimate Getaway has been placed on our Chief Visionary heart to help Parents overcome their fears, challenging beliefs, negative self talk, family relationships, and the admiration to do and be all that you see in your mind but not in your life. This is a space for You to come in being You and to leave with Regeneration and Results!

Why should I attend:

The HASO Parent Retreat ~ the Ultimate Getaway is a safe space for Parents to gain Relaxation, Revelation, Restoration, and Results! We are always busy taking care of everyone and all things but barely have time to regenerate into our purpose or to even understand what our purpose is. This experience is for Parents to enjoy spending time to get the Results you’ve been waiting for in areas of leveraging resources, parenting, business development, building capacity to soar, financial resources, and so much more! 

About the Host:

Our Chief Visionary & Founder Carrianne Hilliard is the host of this event. She is a 2x author of Overcoming Single Parent Obstacles & Overcoming Single Parent Obstacles Adulting. She has a journal called 31 Days of God's Glory and a publisher / CEO of God's Child Publishing, LLC. Carrianne has served youth and families almost her entire life by being the oldest of 3 other siblings. She's on a mission to help youth and parents overcome obstacles in any capacity to live better while empowering others to believe in themselves and the impossible. Prior to starting Help Adolescents Speak Out, LLC and God's Child Publishing, LLC - Carrianne was a single teen mom struggling daily to make ends meet working a job that barely covered her bills. She was able to overcome those challenges by building her businesses, elevating her mindset, and being around coaches and mentors while also being a Business Encouragement Coach as well. To learn more about Carrianne visit her personal website or instagram page @carriannehilliard

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